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The Semi-Flex Heavy Guage Steal Performance Grid Box Spring Foundation is a wire foundation which is better then a wood due to the fact it will never squeek or make noise over time.  Steel is much stronger and more durable then wood which makes lasts longer.  Why not get a better nights sleep on something great?

Say Goodbye to Squeaky Beds with our Box Spring Semi-Flex

No more squeaks and creaks from your bed frame and box spring. The semi-flex heavy gauge steal performance grid box spring foundation solves this problem with its heavier gauge round wires, keeping you free from annoying noises. Its heavy-duty steel construction is also heat-treated for strength, so you never have to worry about them bending over time.

The Support You Need. The Comfort You Deserve.

Our semi-flex box spring is designed to provide support for many different types of mattresses, from twin-size to California king. It’s also great because it offers greater support and comfort than traditional box springs. An excellent choice for your highly compatible memory foam mattress.

What’s more, our semi-flex box spring is a great way to add extra height and support to your mattress. Its heavy gauge round wires are designed to provide you with the most comfortable sleep possible.

The Best Box Steel Mesh Box on the Market

Crazy Mattress Man offers the best mattress box spring on the market. We only make products that are high quality and last a long time, giving you comfort for a long time. The Semi-Flex Heavy Grid Box Spring Foundation has been constructed with an exclusive Steal-Flex High Strength Spring System for comfort and performance. It is better than wood due to the fact it will never squeak or make noise over time. More important, there is no movement or sagging of the material in your mattress (as there might be with cheap ones), so you get perfect support with zero movements.

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