©2021 Crazy Mattress Man and Texas Fine Furniture. All rights reserved. Crazy Mattress man offers the very best of top Mattress and Furniture Manufacturers. Diamond Mattress makes the Best mattress in the U.S.A. Steve Silver, Hinges Designs, Liberty Furniture, Kas Rugs and Mayo Furniture are fine makers of elegant and high end choices for distinguished buyers. Coaster Company of America, Furniture of America, Homelegance, Elements, Jorman Furniture, Moes Furniture and Acme Furniture specialize in variety and we've picked our very favorite collections to showcase on our website. LMT Rustic, and International Furniture Direct IFD are the BEST at Authentic Rustic. You will not find better choices. Our manufacturers are carefully selected for their customer service, product quality, unique designs, and most importantly, affordability.


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